I don’t draw much because I’m lazy, but occasionally a situation / thought / experience inspires me to get off my ass and express it. Usually in the form of a colorful comic. Then I come and post it here!

You’ll probably see a certain pink kitten featured in a lot of stuff I draw. That’s Jellykitty, a character I invented which often represents myself. She got that name because she’s (1) jealous, (2) shaped like a jellybean, and (3) kinda chubby and wobbly.

As for myself… To keep it short, I’m an ENFP / Enneagram 9.

I get phases of interests, which means the stuff I draw about are pretty varied depending on my current obsession. I do adore World of Warcraft (and more importantly, my blood elves/draenei!) pretty consistently, though.

I suppose I just enjoy making people a little happier, and I hope that some of the stuff I draw brings a smile to your face :D

(Also u/stringpuppets on reddit)

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